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Field Trips

WHAT TO EXPECT: Children will learn how to build a tangible relationship with the outdoors as they -​

  • Climb the Foolish Tortoise or the Hungry Caterpillar at the Eric Carle Recycled Tire Playground

  • Balance on a Slack Line

  • Beat a drum at the Music Station

  • Bake a cake in the Mud Kitchen

  • Hike on Nature Trails

  • Ride a Pony

  • Uncover Wild Animals

  • Play at the Outdoor Playground

  • Enjoy Epic Animal Encounters


You can expect this and more at Narrow Way Nature Center.

WHAT TO BRING: Parents should dress children appropriately for the weather and for the possibility of getting dirty. Children should also wear closed-toed comfortable walking shoes. Parents should also sign waivers and give to the teacher to bring with them.

PLAN AHEAD: Call Joanne Ludwick at (843) 615-7402 to plan your day. She will discuss options, such as pony rides, epic animal encounters, or seasonal craft/activities. There is enough to do at Narrow Way Nature Center to meet SC Core requirements in all disciplines.

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