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Nature School

Narrow Way Nature School offers classes to young children ages 3-6 based on the German model of Waldkindergartens, distinguished by its commitment to total nature immersion, interest-led flow learning, emergent curriculum, place-based focus, inquiry-based teaching style and authentic play. Nature Immersion is defined as “unstructured free time in nature resulting in an intimate, deep and personal connection to the natural world”.


Alongside teachers and classmates, children discover the wonders of nature and play in a high-quality learning environment that meets their developmental needs while initiating them into a life-long meaningful relationship with the natural world.  We maintain a 1:6 teacher to student ratio.


 Playtime—especially unstructured, imaginative, exploratory play—is increasingly recognized as an essential component of wholesome child development.”  Richard Louv

How to Enroll

Classes are being offered for ages 3-6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One- or two-day options are available.  Tuition/Month: One day- $70, Two days- $100

If you feel that our school may be right for your child and would like to apply for the upcoming school year, please:

  1. Read our website and the parent handbook.

  2. Email us to schedule a tour. Tours are intended for children and parents unless otherwise noted.

  3.  After meeting each other at the school tour, the parents, teachers and children need to feel confident that Narrow Way Nature School is the right fit. The school director will contact you within a week of your tour to answer any remaining questions and then either invite you to enroll or discuss any concerns that have arisen. If all spaces are full, you will receive an email to let you know that your child has been placed on a waiting list.

  4. Once you receive the final forms, they will need to be completed and returned as soon as possible, along with a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your child’s space. This deposit will be applied to the first month's tuition payment.

    Benefits of the Program

- Utilizing all their senses, children discover, observe, experiment, and explore through multi-sensory play, motor skill activity, and creative expression.  

- Connecting children to nature to develop life-long passion for the environment and its stewardship.

· Cooperative play with other children which strengthens social skills and emotional development and provides opportunities for making friends.

· A naturalized playground allowing for digging, playing in the mud, climbing, jumping, walking across tight ropes, manipulating building materials, and balancing on logs.

· Assistance with animal care at Narrow Way Nature Center helps children learn how to nurture and care for pets.

· Through environmental education, children learn language, math and art lessons.


· Music and movement activities attune children’s ears and sense of rhythm.


· Teachers act as facilitators and mentors who model respect and love for all life. They are observant, flexible, and creative in their interactions with the children.

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